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Raise your efficiency and transform your business with a free cloud based e-invoicing software
that automates your billing, invoicing and payment process.
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Speed up your invoicing process and get paid faster
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Smart features like pre-saved customer details and items, auto-calculated sum and auto-generated invoice numbers save you time. Send invoices via email, WhatsApp, or any other channel with a shareable link. receivables image
Create quotations that can be easily converted into invoices. receivables image
Get notified immediately when an invoice is accepted, rejected or paid. receivables image
Find exactly what you need using Pantas' search and sorting feature. No more fumbling through folders and chats. receivables image


Record and manage your bills more efficiently
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Accept or reject an invoice with explanation, and add payment details easily to keep your seller up to date. payables image
Record all expenses on Pantas for complete bookkeeping, even bills from suppliers who are not on Pantas. payables image
Skip the time consuming manual data entry as payables are saved automatically to your Pantas account. You can then easily import them to your accounting software in bulk. payables image
Skip the folders and find bills easily using Pantas search and sorting feature. payables image
More features
Creates invoices faster

Overview of priorities in one place

View payable and receivable summaries on the dashboard. Priority items are highlighted so nothing falls through the cracks.

Creates invoices faster

Automatic due date reminders

Get reminded on all your payables and receivables so that you get paid on time and don't miss any of your payments.

Automated pre-approved invoice financing facility

Automated pre-approved invoice financing facility

Get pre-approved for a credit line that allows you to automatically finance your receivables when you invoice on Pantas.

Creates invoices faster

Integrate seamlessly with accounting systems

Integrate easily with your accounting or ERP software using the import and export features.

Other features

Favourite items

Recurring invoice items can be saved and selected when issuing new invoices.

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Partial payment

Flexible recording to support deposits, ongoing payments or any special payment arrangements.

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Invoice number customisation

Pre-set your invoice number prefix to suit your preferred numbering format and it will automatically increase for each new invoice.

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Audit trail

Processes are clearly recorded in an audit trail for record keeping and transparency.

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Company logo customisation

Add your company logo for distinct company branding and personalisation.

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Download or print

Pantas invoices are designed to be PDF and printer friendly.

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General ledger (GL) codes

Conveniently organize and manage your business transactions with the help of GL codes.

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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Add an additional layer of security using 2FA codes to safeguard your data.

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Personalised message

Including messages on invoices spares you from going on a separate communication channel with the buyers.

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Email customisation

Set your email subject, type your message, and CC or BCC anyone straight from Pantas.

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Smart invitation

Users can easily send invoices to recipients who are yet to join Pantas with an invitation link. Invoices are stored automatically in the recipient's account once it is set up.

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Generate aging report on payables and receivables.

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Frequently asked questions

If your business sends and/or receives more than 5 invoices a month, Pantas is for you!

By taking a digital approach to existing traditional workflows currently practiced, Pantas can drastically reduce time & cost inefficiencies - Giving you more time and resources to focus on improving your business.

Pantas is also for you if you are experiencing difficulty in securing financing to sustain or grow your business. At Pantas, we aim to democratize the access to credit - so that every business has a fair chance to obtain adequate financing at an affordable rate.

Pantas is completely free!

You can send an unlimited number of invoices to your customers, even if they are not a Pantas user. All of our existing services are free with no hidden costs.

However, to enjoy the full benefits of Pantas, we recommend you to invite them to join Pantas!

No, you do not. You can access Pantas anytime and anywhere as it is built in the cloud on a web-based framework. Once you have signed up, you can access it from any device using your Pantas account.

Pantas will not share information on your invoices such as item description, item price, quantity, etc., with other users or third parties. Pantas employs industry standard security measures and encryption methods to protect your data from unauthorised access.

No, you do not. Pantas (which is focused on billing, invoicing and the payment process) serves as an add-on to your existing software/systems. We simplify your manual work of managing/receiving and issuing paper or PDF invoices.

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